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ERA - Medieval Age

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ESG 50140 EN

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The world’s first Roll & Build game! In Era - Medieval Age, each player rules over their domain.  With every roll of the dice, players will continue to build their city while trying to avoid extortion, scorched earth, and disease!

Era: Medieval Age serves as a spiritual successor to Matt Leacock’s Roll Through the Ages!  As the world’s first roll & build, players will see their domains come to life over the course of the game with three-dimensional buildings. Each building provides more resources, grants you new abilities, or make your dice pool grow, as you build your amazing city. Limited quantity.


• 36 dice

• 130 miniatures

• 4 player boards

• 1 pad of score sheet

• 5 tracking tokens

• 4 screens

• 25 pegs

• 1 rulebook

Player: 1-4 | Age: 10+ | Duration: 45-60 min

Age 10+
Number of Players 1 - 4
Playing time 45-60 min

Era - Medieval Age - EN rules

Era - Medieval Age - English rules

Download (6.13M)

Era - Medieval Age - EN Appendix

Era - Medieval Age - English Appendix

Download (3.74M)

Era - Medieval Age - FR Rules

Era - Medieval Age - French Rules

Download (6.27M)

Era - Medieval Age - FR Appendix

Era - Medieval Age - French Appendix

Download (3.66M)

Era - MA - EN Score Sheet

Era - Medieval Age - English Score Sheet

Download (512.2k)

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