Azul - Joker Tiles

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The 10 beautiful Joker Tiles promo provide more meaningful decisions to Azul while complimenting it's already gorgeous design.  A must have for fans!

Estimated to be back in stock : April 2018.

The Joker Tiles offers Azul's artisans unparalleled beauty while tiling their walls.  Complimenting the castle's aesthetics, these special tiles also provide more depth in decision making as they can serve as a proxy for any of the other tiles.  However, the beauty comes with a price - players won't be able to score them for end of game bonuses!

Joker Tile sets are limited to 4 per customer and not available for retail distribution. Plan B Games reserves the right to cancel orders. 

Azul - EN Joker tiles rules

Azul - EN Joker promotional tiles

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